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Specification Sheet

Download the PDA102 1.2m2 to 50m2 Induction Loop Amplifier specification sheet

PDA102 1.2m sq to 50m sq Induction Loop Amplifier

SigNET's new PDA102 audio frequency induction loop amplifier is ideal for any application requiring restricted or small area coverage.

Available in a variety of cost-effective kit formats, it includes a 3.5mm microphone input (with 9V phantom power) and a unique 'Outreach' input which allows the connection of multiple microphone and line level inputs via a series of single gang audio connector plates.

The amplifier's input(s) can be easily adjusted for optimum performance using the rotary level control provided on its front and an adjustable drive control is also included, allowing the amplifier's output stage to be set-up to suit the exact characteristics of any room.

The PDA102's state-of-the-art audio processor features an automatic gain control which compensates for poor microphone techniques and helps suppress loud noises, hisses and clicks. The amplifier's true current mode amplification circuitry guarantees excellent and consistent sound quality for the hearing impaired.

The amplifier is designed to be free-standing or wall-mounted using the keyholes provided and installation is further aided by the provision of two set-up indicators (Peak and Limit) and a Power on LED.

The PDA102 is fully compatible with SigNET's unique 'Outreach Plate' audio input extension system. This system allows the connection of multiple microphone or line level inputs via a range of specially designed single gang connector plates covering the most common variants of audio connector including XLR line, XLR mic., 3.5mm jack, dual phono and 1/4 jack. A maximum of 10 plates (any mix) can be daisychained to the amplifier's Outreach socket using standard two pair audio cable such as Belden 8723.

PDA102 range

Item Description
PDA102C Counter Loop Kit Everything required for a stand-alone counter loop system for a ticket office, reception desk, meeting room or any other area where a degree of privacy is required. Includes an AMT tie/desk microphone, a TX121 counter loop and two 'loop in use' stickers.
PDA102L Small Room Kit (tie/desk mic. version) Ideal for council chambers, seminar rooms and doctors' surgeries up to 7m x 7m in size. Includes an AMT tie/desk microphone, 30m of loop cable and two 'loop in use' stickers.
PDA102R Small Room Kit (plated mic. version) Similar to the PDA102L but instead of an AMT tie/desk mic. it includes an APM omnidirectional plated microphone which is ideal for mounting in suspended ceilings. Also includes 30m of loop cable and two 'loop in use' stickers.
PDA102S TV/Music Lounge Kit The PDA102S is designed for use in areas such as nursing home TV lounges where it allows hearing aid users to enjoy TV/radio broadcasts. It includes an APS scart lead, an APL dual phono Outreach connection plate, 30m of loop cable and two 'loop in use' stickers.


  • Ideal for ticket counters, desktops, TV lounges, interview rooms, etc.
  • Provides max. square room coverage of 49m2 (7m x 7m). Kitted 'counter loop' version provides approximately 1.2m2 coverage
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Includes one 3.5mm microphone input with 9V phantom power
  • Compatible with SigNET's unique 'Outreach plate' audio input extension system (allows the connection of up to 10 additional mic. or line level inputs via a series of separately available audio connector plates)
  • Input Limit, Output Peak and Power On indicators
  • Adjustable Limit and Drive controls
  • Compact free-standing design with keyholes provided for optional wall-mounting
  • Available in a variety of cost-effective kit formats that are suitable for use in ticket counters, small meeting rooms and TV lounges (see overleaf for full details)
  • Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed
  • Can be used to help building managers and service providers comply with the requirements of BS8300, the Disability Discrimination Act and the Care Standards Act
Specification Value
Rated supply voltage and frequency 230VAC @ 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption 20W
Maximum r.m.s. output current 2.1A
Maximum peak output current 2.8A
Maximum r.m.s. load voltage 5.5V
Total harmonic distortion <0.1%
Maximum area of a square loop 49m2 (7m x 7m)
Recommended loop conductor size 0.5mm2 @ <35metres loop length or 1.0mm2 @ >35metres to <50metres loop length (inc. tails)
Recommended number of turns 1
Frequency response 3dB 120Hz to 5kHz as per IEC 60118-4
Input signal level Mic: -50dBV Unbalanced, Outreach: -10dBV balanced (referenced to full output 1kHz sine wave into 1ohm load with controls at max.)
Input impedance Mic: 1k-Ohm; Outreach: 20k-Ohm
Microphone phantom power 9V DC
Signal to noise ratio -62dB
AGC Ratio 2:1
Amplifier mode True Current Mode
Control & indicator labels / functions Green Power LED, Red Limit LED, Red Peak LED, Limit control, Drive control
Special features Outreach plate connector allowing the connection of up 10 outreach plates
Connections Mains - IEC Socket 230V 20W; Loop Output - 2 Way Push Terminal; Outreach 4 Way Plugable screw terminal; Microphone 3.5mm mono jack socket
Dimensions & Weight (H x W x D): 56mm x 136mm x 175mm (inc. connectors). Mass: 1.25 kg (excluding packing and accessories)


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