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SoundFields products - PDA200E Wall Mounting Inducton Loop Amplifier

View details on the PDA200E Wall Mounting Inducton Loop Amplifier below or download the specification sheet.

Specification Sheet

Download the PDA200E Wall Mounting Inducton Loop Amplifier specification sheet

PDA200E Wall Mounting Inducton Loop Amplifier

The PDA200E has revolutionised the induction loop marketplace by bringing the ability to understand, install and appreciate the technology involved to a whole new client base.

Straightforward internal screw connectors and preset controls mean no specialist audio experience or audio connectors are required. By following the simple set-up procedure, no further adjustments are necessary, allowing a top quality assistive listening system for the hard of hearing to be set-up in its entirety by new and experienced installers alike.

No less than four easy-to-access inputs are provided:

  • Balanced/unbalanced mic
    (with phantom power for use with electret mics)
  • Balanced/unbalanced line
    (for the connection of TV and other audio feeds)
  • Alert tone switch
    (a tone generator for use with doorbells, fire alarms, etc)
  • 100V line
    (for the connection of PA system audio feeds)

The amplifier's state-of-the-art current drive audio processing circuitry includes an automatic compressor/limiter which maintains the loop signal within a small dynamic range to improve intelligibility. Manual adjustments can also be made using the amplifier's internal tamperresistant drive, level and tone controls, allowing the system to be tailored to suit the exact requirements of any room.

PDA200E Kit Options

For ease of specification and installation the PDA200E is available on its own or in the following kits formats:

Item Description
AKM1 Meeting/seminar room kit 1x PDA200E and 1x AMP Omni-directional plated microphone
AKR1 Waiting room kit2 1x PDA200E and 1x APL outreach plate (for the connection of paging systems)
AKT1 TV/Music lounge kit 1x PDA200E, 1x AMH handheld microphone c/w APJ outreach connection plate and 1x APS scart to dble phono lead c/w APL outreach plate (for the connection of TVs, etc.)
AKW1 Place of worship kit 1 1x PDA200E, 1x AML lectern microphone c/w APJ outreach connection plate and 1x APL outreach plate (for the connection of audio inputs from CD, tape decks, etc.
AKW2 Place of worship kit 2 1x PDA200E, 1x AMR radio microphone c/w APQ outreach connection plate and 2x APXM outreach plate (for the connection of existing microphones)
AKH1 Heath and fitness club kit 1x PDA200E, 1x AMR radio microphone c/w APQ outreach connection plate and 1x APL outreach plate (for connection of CD/tape decks, etc.)
AKL1 Lecture room kit 1x PDA200E, 1x AMT tie/desk microphone c/w APJ outreach connection plate and 1x AML lectern microphone c/w APJ outreach connection plate
AKU1 Retail unit kit 1x PDA200E and 1x AML lectern microphone c/w APJ outreach connection plate


  • Ideal for meeting rooms, lecture theatres, churches, schools, TV lounges, shops and other small to medium sized applications
  • Provides max. square room coverage of 120m2 (11m x 11m) or max. rectangular room coverage of 250m2 (10m x 25m)
  • Straightforward internal screw connectors
  • Wall mountable for permanent installation ideal for schools and colleges where rooms are often left unsupervised
  • Internal tamper-resistant drive, level and tone controls
  • One balanced/unbalanced microphone input
  • One balanced/unbalanced line level input
  • Alert tone switch input for doorbells, fire alarms, security systems, etc
  • 100V line input for PA system connection
  • Fully automatic compressor-limiter
  • Full 2Ω drive capability for increased coverage at higher frequencies
  • Compatible with SigNET's unique 'outreach plate' input extension system
  • Available in a variety of kit formats to suit a host of typical loop installations
  • Fully compliant with EN60118-4 (formerly BS6083) and BS7594:1993
Specification Value
Power Requirements
Mains voltage 230V ac
Power consumption <80VA
Fuses Internal mains input fuse 1A 20 mm (HRC)
The PDA200E requires fixed mains wiring fed from a 3A fuse spur located no more than 3m from the amplifier.
Three 5mm screw connector inputs are available - mic., line & 100V. If more than one is used, the signals are mixed.
Input impedance 600Ω balanced/unbalanced
Sensitivity 2-5mV (-46db to -50db)
Phantom 12V
Input impedance >10kΩ balanced/unbalanced
Sensitivity 0dbv (300mV rms to 1.5V rms)
100V Line
Input impedance 200kΩ
Sensitivity +40dbv
Alert Closing a volt-free switch across input generates a 2kHz tone through the loop.
Should additional inputs be required, the PDA200E is compatible with SigNET's outreach plate input extension system. This allows up to ten extra mic or line level inputs to be daisychained to the PDA200E. See our separate datasheet for details.
Type Current mode
Loop connector Screw connector
Cable 1.0-2.5m2
Loop coverage (square room) 120m2 max. (e.g. 11m x 11m)
Loop coverage (rectangular room) Up to 250m2 when shortest side of loop is no greater than 10m (e.g. 10m x 25m)
Loop drive current 4A peak; 1.8A average
Loop impedance 0.2 to 2Ω @ 1kHz
Bandwidth 40Hz to 8kHz
Input dynamic range 36dB
Distortion <0.5% THD
The PDA200E includes an amplitude compression stage that limits overload and has a dynamically variable ratio from 1:1 to10:1
Indicators & Controls
LED indicators Input peak (limit); output drive (1,2,3 peak current); power on (power)
User controls One level control, adjustable between -35dB to +0dB for both line and microphone One output drive control, giving a loop current adjustable between 40mA & 2.1A One mid-range cut & boost tone control (frequency = 1kHz; cut= -17dB: boost =+17dB)
Dimensions & Weight
Width x Height x Depth 273mm x 200mm x 77mm
Weight 2.9kg (unpacked)


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