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SoundFields products - VL1 12V Vehicle Induction Loop Amplifier

View details on the VL1 12V Vehicle Induction Loop Amplifier below or download the specification sheet.

Specification Sheet

Download the VL1 12V Vehicle Induction Loop Amplifier specification sheet

VL1 12V Vehicle Induction Loop Amplifier

SigNET's new VL1 induction loop amplifier is specifically designed to help hearing aid users communicate more effectively in cars, taxis, buses and other motor vehicles.

Timed to coincide with the Disability Discrimination Act's new 'Provision and use of transport vehicles supplement' (published December 2006), the amplifier includes two 3.5mm jack inputs (microphone and line), both with their own level controls, and a metal compensation feature which can be used to offset the frequency problems associated with running an induction loop close to metal.

Two kitted versions are available. The VL1/B1 12V kit includes a VL1 amplifier, fused cigarette lighter adaptor, a pre-formed loop capable of generating a loop listening field of 1.2m2 (typically positioned in a vehicle's roof lining or under a seat) and a microphone. A 24V version of the kit (the VL1/B2) is also available.

Measuring just 120mm wide, 31mm high and 60mm deep, the VL1 is ideal for dashboard mounting. It includes three indicators - Peak, Limit and Power On and meets or exceeds the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed.


  • Ideal for cars, taxis, buses and other private/commercial vehicles
  • Generates a loop listening field of approximately 1.2m2
  • Available in two kit formats
  • VL1/B1 12V kit includes:-
    1 x VL1 amplifier
    1 x TX2 pre-formed loop
    1 x AMT microphone
    1 x AL8 fused cigarette lighter power adaptor
    1 x 'AFILS' fitted sticker
  • The VL1/B2 24V kit includes:-
    1 x VL1 amplifier
    1 x TX2 pre-formed loop
    1 x AMT microphone
    1 x 24V to 12V convertor
    1 x AL7 2.5mm DC power plug to bare ended lead
    1 x 'AFILS' fitted sticker
  • Compact amplifier ideal for dashboard mounting
  • Optional VL9 lead available for connecting the amplifier's line input to a vehicle's audio system
  • Includes one 3.5m microphone input and one 3.5mm line input
  • Metal compensation control helps offset the frequency response problems associated with vehicle loops
  • User-adjustable drive, mic level and line level controls
  • Includes Power On, Peak and Limit indicators
  • Fully compliant with BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed
Specification Value
Input voltage
Rated supply voltage and current 12V DC
Rated power consumption 500mA
Input connector 3.5mm stereo jack
Input Impedance 1kΩ
Input voltage -60dB
Input connector 3.5mm mono jack
Input impedance 100kΩ
Input voltage -27dB stereo unbalanced
Type Current mode
Loop connector 2-way push terminal
Cable Use the TX2 pre-formed loop supplied in our VL1/B1 and VL1/B2 kits
Loop coverage 1.2m2 (using the TX2 pre-formed loop)
Maximum RMS output current 1A
Maximum peak output current 2A
Maximum RMS load voltage 4V
Total harmonic distortion 40Hz to 8kHz
Frequency response 1dB 36dB
Frequency response 3dB <0.5% THD
Signal to noise ratio 60dB A weighted (reference maximum RMS current, maximum gain)
AGC range 3dB change in output current, reference rated input voltage: 10dB
Indicators & Controls
LED indicators Power LED, Limit LED, Peak LED
Controls Mic Level control, Line Level Control, Metal Compensation Control, Drive current control
Dimensions & Weight
W x H x D
(VL1 amplifier only)
120mm x 31 mm x 60 mm
Weight 220g (amplifier only)


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