Suddenly pupils at the back of the classroom were more attentive

Charities supported by the sale of SoundFields systems


Every sale of a SoundFields system contributes towards helping a charity. A list of those charities is below. The one you would like to support with your sale donation is up to you!

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
The Institute for Enhanced Classroom Hearing

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs to alert their deaf owners to sounds such as the alarm clock, doorbell, telephone and smoke alarm.

70% of dogs entering the scheme are selected from rescue centres or similar. They are trained to alert by touch, using a paw to gain attention and lead their owner back to the sound source. For sounds such as the smoke and fire alarm the dogs will lie down to indicate danger.

The practical value is obvious, but the therapeutic value should not be underestimated. In addition to security, hearing dogs bring their recipients increased confidence and independence as well as companionship.
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