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eSouvenir - Souvenir Digital Audio Guide

View details on our eSouvenir Souvenir Digital Audio Guide below or download the Specification Sheets.


eSouvenir - Souvenir Digital Audio Guide

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eSouvenir - Souvenir Digital Audio Guide

Memories last forever

This ultra-low cost, credit card sized digital audio guide will enrich the customer experience. The souvenir audio guide provides valuable information to visitors and gives customers a souvenir to keep and remind them of the experience.

You can customise the contents and create engaging artwork on the audio guide for any particular event. The eSouvenir audio guide provides a unique and excellent advertising opportunity.

Recommended applications

  • Walking tours
  • Corporate information
  • Travelling exhibits
  • Sporting events
  • Off-shore excursions
  • Historic sites
  • Museums

Specifications & features

Specification Value
Audio output 3.5mm phone jack, stereo
Battery capacity Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery (230mAh)
Operating time 3 hours typical
Power indicator Red LED
Operating current 26mA
Audio file type Mp3
Audio capacity According to the SD card
MicroSD flash memory card Support up to 32GB
Dimension 78(H) x 38(W) x 8(D)mm
Weight 20 grams including battery
  • Plug-and-play
  • Your tour content is secure
  • Visual branding on front of the player
  • Stereo ear buds are included
  • Volume adjustable
  • Multi-tracking
  • Simple to operate (Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Back)
  • Large audio capacity (approx. 3 hours with a 512MB SD Card)
  • Customised artwork
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

eSouvenir - Souvenir Digital Audio Guide


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