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SoundFields products - DL50/K Domestic Audio-Frequency Induction Loop Amplifier Kit

View details on the DL50/K Domestic Audio-Frequency Induction Loop Amplifier Kit below or download the specification sheet.

Specification Sheet

Download the DL50/K Domestic Audio-Frequency Induction Loop Amplifier Kit specification sheet

DL50/K Domestic Audio-Frequency Induction Loop Amplifier Kit

SigNET's new DL50/K domestic loop amplifier kit includes everything you need to create a high quality stand-alone induction loop system for a bedroom, living room, TV lounge or study.

Carefully designed to sit discreetly alongside all types of audiovisual equipment, the amplifier features one set of phono inputs (for direct connection to television sets, etc), two microphone inputs and an alert input (for connection to fire alarms, doorbells, etc).

Screwdriver-adjustable drive, level, mix and tone controls are provided, allowing the system to be tailored to suit the exact requirements of any room, with installation further aided by the provision of a headphone socket, output current meter, input peak LED and an easy-to-follow installation guide.


  • Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, TV lounges, studies and other domestic applications
  • Kit includes:-
    1 x DL50 induction loop amplifier
    1 x Plug-top power supply
    1 x 33m reel of induction loop cable
    1 x SCART-to-double-phono audio lead
    1 x Microphone c/w mounting attachments
    1 x Easy-to-follow installation manual
  • Attractively-designed amplifier provides max. square room coverage of 50m2 (7m x 7m) or max. rectangular room coverage of up to 100m2 (5m x 20m)*
  • Connections provided for two 3.5mm electret microphones (one mic. is provided in the DL50/K kit) and one SCART-todouble- phono audio lead (other leads are available for purchase if required)
  • Simple to adjust, tamper-resistant drive, level, tone and mic. priority controls
  • Input peak, output current, signal present and power on LEDs
  • Headphone socket aids system set-up
  • Alert tone input for doorbells, fire alarms, security systems, etc.
  • Automatic compressor limiter
  • Full 2O drive current capability for increased coverage at higher frequencies
  • Fully compliant with EN60118-4 (formerly BS6083) and BS7594:1993
  • Longer lengths of loop cable may be required for rectangular rooms
Specification Value
Input voltage
Voltage 12V a.c. 1.5A max (via plug top power supply supplied)
Power consumption <18VA
Connector type 2 x 3.5mm mono jack
Input Impedance 2KΩ
Sensitivity 2-5mV
Phantom +8V
Connector type 2 x phono - allows connection of one SCART to double phono lead (supplied) or similar
Input impedance >4kΩ
Alert Closing a volt-free switch across this input generates a pulsed tone through the loop
Type Current mode
Loop connector Releasable two pole friction connector
Cable 1mm2 tri-rated cable (supplied)
Loop coverage (square room) 50m2 max. (e.g. 7m x 7m)
Loop coverage (rectangular room) Up to 100m2 when shortest side of loop is no greater than 5m (e.g. 5m x 20m)
Loop drive current 3A peak; 1A average
Loop impedance 0.2 to 2Ω @ 1kHz
Bandwidth 100Hz to 8kHz
Input stage dynamic range 33dB
Distortion <0.5% THD
The DL50 amplifier includes an amplitude compression stage that limits overload and has a dynamically variable ratio from 1:1 to10:1
Indicators & Controls
LED indicators Input signal (red)
Loop strength meter (green to yellow to red)
Power on (green)
User controls Input signal level control
Microphone priority control (turn clockwise or counter-clockwise for required emphasis)
Mid-range cut and boost tone control (frequency = 1kHz; cut = -17dB; boost = +17dB)
Loop signal (drive) control
All user controls are adjustable using the small terminal screwdriver supplied and are recessed to avoid tampering
Dimensions & Weight
Width x Height x Depth 185 mm x 40 mm x 85 mm
Weight 550g (amplifier only)
Finish Satin black


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