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Equestrian Wireless Training System pricing

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Equestrian Wireless Training System

Device Description Image Price
TG-100T Digital UHF tour guide transmitter - inc. Lapel Mic, lanyard TG-100T £89.00
TG-100R Digital UHF tour guide Receiver - inc. Dual Ear Earphone, lanyard TG-100R £79.00
TG-100R-EP01 Digital UHF tour guide Receiver - inc. Single Ear Earphone, lanyard TG-100R-EP01 £82.00
Eques-12 Kit eTour Kit with 1 Transmitter, 11 Receivers and 12 slot Charging Carry Case £849.00
Eques-35 Kit eTour Kit with 1 Transmitter, 34 Receivers and 35 slot Charging Carry Case £2,399.00
  Other Kits and configurations available.
Please call for details and pricing.

Accessory prices

Device Accessory Image Price
TC-12 12 Slot Charger 12 Slot Charger £235.00
TC-35 35 Slot Charger 35 Slot Charger £520.00

Other Accessory prices

Accessory Image Price
Lapel Microphone
Dual Ear Earphone
Single Side Earphone
USB Power Adapter (no cable)
USB Power Cable
Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery


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